Media Planning

Media Planning is finally so simple now!!!

Media planning is an integral part of our services. Our team of experts relentlessly works towards achieving the best Media plan for our customers. We do end to end planning for brand activations and promotions. Our team ensures that right venues are chosen for right set of products or services to be promoted. Brand activation is handled by the professional and well experienced team members who ensure that venue is finalized on the basis of client requirement and keeping all elements in mind.

We prepare customized strategic plans for each brand. It is evident that we always follow a safe and structured way to achieve the predefined target audience. Our experts have proved their mettle time and again by delivering best possible media plan to our clients with the help of vast experience and relevant skills. Our team understands our client requirements along with the spaces available to draft the perfect media plan. They also ensure that right Target Group (TG) is kept in mind while drafting the media plan.

Brand activation is considered as most focused strategy and bit more quantitative in nature. If the media plan is drafted well with the focus on various aspects, it becomes easier to attract the mass market in general.

We plan it extremely well for you. Trust us once and get assured for astonishing results.


Every Successful campaign is a result of detailed & precise working by operations team, We have been able to deliver quality work & on time due to operational processes that we follow.

Firstly, It is vital to Understand the requirement of Client and then on basis of same understanding our operations team takes care of delivery and they also ensure that each campaign goes smoothly from conception to execution. Once campaign ends they provide valuable insights by generating reports for our clients. For all this we have just the right mix of team.

It is very important to have an operations team with analytical & Flexible approach. From the point of initiation where a client’s brief is shared with them for processing till the time a final plan is achieved , there may be a 100 additions & omissions that may happen, sometimes they have to read between the lines to meet the clients expectations & once mandate is won , they again have to ensure that what has been promised is delivered on ground reality as well. It is their 24x7x365 effort that goes into creating that awesome experience for our clients & the end customer too.

Once the show goes smoothly , they start the analysis part & provide a valuable feedback to the client about the event, such feedback is very important as it helps them make every experience better than the previous one and thereby providing constant innovation.


Umbrella: The most trusted name for providing sponsorships!!!

Are you worried about getting sponsorship for your event? Umbrella Aegis is a well recognized agency working towards providing the best sponsorship opportunities. We have helped various clients and the venue owners to get some really great sponsorship for events. We have very strong network with the brands and the venue owners which allows us to get the maximum reach in terms of achieving both- the locations as well as the sponsorship revenue.

We believe in firm commitment and delivery. We have various exclusive tie-ups with various top brands and venue owners. Our exclusive tie ups with both the stakeholders also leave us the challenge to provide them the best branding and revenue opportunities.

We leverage our network to get the best brand sponsorship for your events so that you can rest in peace and focus on other aspects of an event rather than running behind the sponsors. We ensure win-win situations to both the parties in any case even if it is at our cost. This has surely worked out for us in the past to create few big accounts and have long term relationship with them.