Hyundai- Reverse Revolution

To emphasize the importance of segment best features offered on the i20

In order to connect with existing Hyundai customers, or as we say “Brand Recall” in marketing terminology and highlight “Best in class features” offered on i20, Hyundai came up with a very exciting idea, “Hyundai Reverse Revolution” As the name suggests it was particularly aimed at getting people to drive car in reverse gear using parking sensors. 300 participants were shortlisted. They attended the two-day long event, along with their families on May 17 and May 18, 2014. In comparison to other Hatchback cars in this segment, “i20 comes equipped with best features” including rear parking camera with display in the cabin mirror, reverse parking with sensor and electro chromic mirror.

In order to execute the event, Phoenix Mall, Bangalore was shortlisted, with event area spread up to 30000 square feet, it is the biggest mall activation till date in India. Event was 5 days over all – 2 days to complete the setup as it was not only huge but also had various elements to it including “Hyundai” logo painted on the floor, 2 days were for the activity and 1 day to dismantle the entire setup. The activity was designed to drive around on a pre-decided imitation track at Phoenix Market City in reverse gear. At a time one participant was invited to enter the circuit and drive his car in reverse gear and complete one lap. Participants with best lap time were given away exclusive Hyundai goodies. The Entire event was broadcasted on giant LED screen Installed in the area for audience to view.

It was a very successful campaign, not just for the participants but it was fun for viewers as well. Mall Authorities had very positive remarks about the activity that created a buzz around the city. Also media covered this story and it was a grand success as a BTL campaign.