Nissan Motors

NSDF – Nissan Safety Driving Forum

Reduce the number of car crashes and thus reduce serious injuries and deaths through cars as part of Blue Citizenship, Nissan\’s CSR platform.

Raise awareness and familiarise general public with the Nissan brand and product.

Nissan India introduced \’Nissan Safety Driving Forum\’ to create awareness among general public about \’safety first\’ when driving & it has already been through two phases with more than 6 cities already reached. It primarily targeted young generation in age group of 18-25 years.

It was a great learning opportunity for the youth who are generally reckless & ignorant towards safe driving on roads. The event helped them understand about the various unfortunate mishaps that can take place on roads virtually through various Simulators namely Roll over Simulator, Low Speed Crash Simulator and Driving Simulator. Through these interactive devices the general public realized the serious threat an accident can pose to their lives, without actually being in harm\'s way.

Both the seasons were great success and third season is already awaited this year. Nissan has been able to establish itself among the common people of India and at the same time it has fulfilled it CSR in such a manner that it actually will matter in the long run, Nissan in the long run wants to reach out to not just buyer in the Metro\'s but even in the 3 tier/4 tier cities and small towns. It is definitely going to build upon the brand name and goodwill signifying that Nissan is here to stay & Lead the way.